Thursday, 14 April 2016

IATEFL 2016 Sessions April 13th

Sharing David Crystal's full Plenary Session, in case you've missed it live!

David clearly remarks on how the English language has been changing in the last fifty years and draws a comparison on how language is likely to be change in the upcoming fifty years.
He also provides plenty of examples in the use of words, and discusses  the main shifts in pronunciation, grammar, orthography as well as the central factors in social mobility, globalization and Internet.

illustrates the main changes in pronunciation, orthography, grammar, and vocabulary, discusses the chief factors involved - social mobility, globalization, and the Internet - See more at:

Here are some of the words in use in the 60's:
D-day (for Decimalisation Day in UK and  the replacement of pounds shillings and pence with decimal currency.)
beautiful people, flower people, peacenicks (for hippies)
yippies (for ically active hippies)
dolly girl (wearing a mini-skirt)

And many more...

To watch the full list of interviews April 13th, visit Sessions-IATEFL Online Coverage


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