Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Money issues: prices, prices…

As it’s known, there are certain words that collocate with others. When talking about bigger or smaller, increase and decrease in prices, we can use the following verbs: cut, freeze, raise, hike, and slash. See the examples below:

The Ministry of Economy decided to cut prices, due to the crisis.

Prices have been frozen for the current year. Here you can also say salaries have been frozen.

We were forced to raise the price.

The government hiked [1]  up the price of oil by over 20%.

Prices have been slashed.[2]

In combination with adjectives:
You can talk about falling prices, plunging[3]  prices, rising prices, soaring prices and stable prices.
When talking about profits, we can say modest, huge, reasonable, record profits. Or for losses we can hear someone saying that the company suffered slight losses or heavy losses.


[1] to increase prices, taxes, fares, etc. suddenly by large amounts

[2] informal; often used in newspapers, to reduce sharply
[3] (syn) plummetin; to fall or drop sharply, abruptly

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