Wednesday, 13 April 2016


Amazing Day 1 at IATEFL 2016!
How can I start describing all the events!
Opening the day with David Crystal's Plenary Session where he reflects upon the constant change and evolution of the English language, describing his research projects, writing and upcoming books. Just a must watch!
So if you didn't have the chance to do it live, simply watch this video where Nick interviews David.

Also worth watching Rob and Nick reflecting on David's Plenary Session. Just click Live Studio Starts

If you feel like you need to experience more, don't miss it.  Browse through all this first day interviews. Here is the complete list:

16:50     End of day round up

16:10     Interview with Tim Phillips

16:00     Interview with Alan Maley

15:30     Interview with Hornby scholars Parwiz Hossain and Shoaib Jawad

15:10     Interview with Gail Ellis

15:00     Interview with Hornby scholars: Mohammed Bashir and Abdallah Yousif

14:20     Interview with Tessa Woodward

14:40     Interview with Hornby scholars: Allwyn D'costa and Erkin Mukhammedor

14:30     Interview with David Crystal

14:00     Interview with Hugh Dellar

12:50     Interview with George Pickering

12:30     Interview with Gavin Dudeney

12:10     Interview with Jim Scrivener

12:00     Interview with Silvana Richardson

11:40     Interview with Zeynep Urkun

11:30     Interview with Adam Kightley

11:10     Interview with Pete Sharma

10:50     Interview with Nicky Hockly

All the interview videos available at  IATEFL Online Interviews April 13th

Stay tune for more! Getting ready for  Day 2, and counting...


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