Thursday, 14 April 2016

IATEFL 2016 SUMMING UP DAY 2- Sessions and Interviews

Here we are again. What can I say! Simply fantastic DAY 2 at IATEFL Conference 2016!
2 good 2 be forgotten. Memorable Sessions and Teaching Experiences, Projects and more shared  by the most amazing people.

I'd like to present Carol Reed's Interview talking about her experience with IATEFL as well as her work as a Vice-President. She also talks about the cicle of renewal, the creation of a new role: the International IATEFL Goodwill Embassador and more.

For all the other interviews listed below just go to Video Interviews

16:20     Interview with Amadeu Marin

16:00     Interview with Neil McLaren

15:50     Interview with Harisimran Sandhu

15:30     Interview with Ben Gray & Seamus Harkin

15:20     Interview with Judy Boyle

15:00     Interview with Melanie Aplin

14:50     Interview with Sandy Millin, Chia Suan Chong (and Natalie)

14:30     Interview with Kieran Donaghy and Lizzie Pinard

14:20     Interview with Thorsten Merse

14:00     Interview with Larissa Goulart da Silva & Maria Soledad Loutayf & Praphatsorn Wongchaiwa (Hornby scholars)

12:50     Interview with Roohi Malik

12:30     Interview with Carol Read

12:20     Interview with Vuyokazi Makubalo & Pipit Suharto & Urmila Khaled (Hornby scholar)

12:00     Interview with Adrian Underhill

11:50     Interview with Alireza Safar (Hornby scholar)

11:30     Interview with Shaike Francis Sefalane (Hornby scholar)

11:20     Interview with Andrew Foster

11:00     Interview with Nick Bilbrough

10:50     Interview with Wendy Arnold & Coralyn Bradshaw

As for Sessions, here is the list:

14:20        Day-to-day English: subject teachers' voices from Kenya, Nigeria and Malaysia   
12:30        Creating a Pan-African network of teacher associations in Sub-Saharan Africa   
10:20        Forum on encouraging teacher reflection   
14:20        ELTJ Signature Event - This house believes that teacher training is a waste of time 
 12:30       Ten great educators and their legacy   
9:00          Plenary by Silvana Richardson

So , happy watching!


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